Me as a KIAIn 2012, I offered my first Scientific Literacy workshop for environmental policy professionals in Calgary, Alberta, in partnership with the non-profit society Sustainability Resources. I am now a Senior Resource Associate with SRL, and provide educational content relating to evidence based decision making and science for policy. From March of 2012 to 2013, I was Project Manager for the Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions Interdisciplinary Team on Vaccine Design and Implementation at the University of Calgary. In this role I completed grant applications for the team to Genome Alberta, Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, and the University of Calgary, and marketed team activities in international conferences. These experiences formed the basis of my role as a consultant.

I realized the need for such a consultancy at the November 2012 Canadian Science Policy Conference. At this conference of policy makers, scientists and industry representatives, it became clear that there is a serious gap between science, policy and industry. As a result, many modern contentious issues – vaccination, fracking, oil and gas development and pollution, fluoridation, watershed management – are  complicated by poor understanding of the underlying science, and needless conflict. Effective Knowledge Translation can help bridge the gap between sides, and help all parties find an effective solution.

Endeavour Scientific Inc. is owned and operated by Carla Davidson, PhD. Carla has her undergraduate degree in Ecology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, doctoral degree in Systems Biology from the University of Calgary, and post-doctoral training in evolution and medical microbiology. She also has certificates in Instructional Skills, Faculty Teaching, and Knowledge Translation. Her varied background in forest ecology, wildlife biology, vaccinology, evolution and medical research has given her insight into how scientific issues become public controversies. This led her to develop her communications skills, including becoming a registered scientific writer with Genome Alberta, work in television, teaching Scientific Literacy at Mount Royal University, and working with Sustainability Resources Ltd to offer learning tools to municipalities, policy professionals and interested citizens throughout Alberta.