Many modern contentious issues – vaccination, fracking, oil and gas development and pollution, fluoridation, watershed management – are  complicated by poor understanding of the underlying science, and needless conflict. Effective Knowledge Translation can help bridge the gap between sides, and help all parties find an effective solution.

Knowledge Translation is practice of moving scientific evidence to action, either through public outreach, government relations, or assisting clients to make decisions based on the best possible evidence. This requires identifying and engaging stakeholders, determining their requirements and interests, then developing tools for addressing client needs. It also requires seamless communication of technical information and the ability to interpret and develop quantitative tools addressing environmental, scientific or social scientific issues. I provide clients with the tools to become more critical consumers of scientific information.

Endeavour Scientific Inc offers:

  • Knowledge Translation: Stakeholder engagement, government relations, or designing systems for accessing scientific evidence for large organizations.
  • Government Relations: Policy initiatives often require the participation of stakeholders in engagement sessions, or more involved consultation to flesh out policy options. I can work with your organization to identify technical consultants, represent your organization’s interests, identify policy options and perform technical reviews of policy proposals.
  • Scientific Reviews: Reviewing issues or particular reports for scientific rigour. A surprising number of studies contain poorly executed experimental design or statistics! Don’t let bad mathematics or bad science cloud your understanding of an issue.
  • Educational Resources: Workshops on evidence-based decision making, environmental monitoring, the scientific method, and evaluating scientific evidence. Workshops can be tailored to address specific issues.
  • Technical Writing: Obtaining funding for scientific programs is becoming more competitive, and it’s common for applicants to have to show the societal impacts of their research. This is where knowledge translation is required. I can work with your application to ensure clarity, adherence to application requirements, and that all knowledge translation aspects are addressed.