• Knowledge Translation and Biological Consulting

    Knowledge Translation is the Process of Bringing Science to Decision Making

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What clients are saying about Endeavour Scientific:

Carla Davidson provides quality consulting advice in areas of policy and can provide a bridge between complex science and the application of that science into sound decision making.
Dan Stuckless, Manager, Environmental and Regulatory, Fort McKay Sustainability Department
Carla is able to translate and simplify complex and controversial topics into easily accessible concepts, and is able to facilitate discussions with diverse groups and move the issues forward.
Kelly Munkittrick, Director of Monitoring, Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance
I think that the most important realization for me was the big gap between what scientists/researchers look at, how they work with data and information, how they present it, and what a stakeholder like a member of an affected First Nation community perceives as important. There is an important role to be played by someone with a knack for communication to be a translator of sorts, or at least a guardian to ensure that all parties stay on board.
Fundamentals of Environmental Monitoring Participant
We noticed how effectively you discussed with the students issues regarding effects on the environment from scientific, empirical, and also legal points of view. Through your work, you have also helped the students to study and evaluate management interventions and environmental sustainability in the complexity of our surroundings. Your messages were never banal.
Marco Musiani, Associate Profession, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary

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